COBE portable devices are cheifly manufactured in the production center in strict compliance with the ISO9001 quality control system. We center production around various instruments, printed circuit boards, probes, probe wires, sample tubes, magnetic saturators and degaussers.

Our automation systems are primarily produced in the factory. The working area, occupying an area of 1000 square meters includes mechanical processing and production, electrical assembly, the installation and debugging of nondestructive testing parts and the mechanical, electrical and nondestructive systematic integration.

Once production is complete, all the products and systems will be strictly tested by QC inspectors according to relevant standards. The qualified products will be delivered to our customers in secure packaging after having past all QC tests.

Production workshop
  • Production assembly workshop
Testing instrument production
  • Finished product display
  • Core parts of equipment

  • Workshop for instrument production and assembly
  • Instrument assembly
  • Circuit board welding of equipment
  • Splicing component
  • Display of finished testing equipment
Processing workshop

Sample to detect

  • Assembly line of equipment
  • Accessories installation

Finished assembled equipment

  • The device is capable of detecting the product in all directions
  • Automated equipment delivery
  • Control box
  • Custom-made shell of electronic instrument
  • COBE Profile
  • Workshops
  • Products